You can enter and position yourself in the parking lot reserved for you to get information or introduce yourself, if you have booked: you will find qualified staff to welcome you and assist you in the accommodation.

Please not to park on the road or in the middle of the gate!

These rules are aimed at ensuring peace and safety in the Agricamping Marino! Don’t worry, we will settle you all calmly and without stress…

The pitches are large, with the right spacing and easily accessible. You will have electricity, drinking water and grids for draining gray water.

At scheduled times, that is, from 9 pm to 11 pm, you can unload your double-cassette in the special area near the bathrooms.

We have hot water showers (which work with a 0.50 coin for a duration of about 4 minutes) and you can comfortably wash your dishes or clothes in the special sinks.

It should be remembered that in Agricamping Marino there is separate waste collection with pre-established times and days for the various types. We therefore ask you to scrupulously respect the basic rules of the collection located near the entrance on the right. Thanks.

Please ensure that they remain inside your pitch and under your umbrella.

The private beach of the Agricamping Marino is for a fee: you can decide to take an umbrella with deckchair or sun bed or take advantage of the free beach located a few meters away and walk freely on a large stretch of coast where there are other free beaches.

The Reception of the Agricamping Marino is open from 10am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm.

For RESERVATIONS of pitches and umbrellas, call at +393495605998

Campers are kindly requested to arrive at the reception for registration and to vacate the pitches by 10 am when you leave. If you have special needs please ask at the reception.

The pitches are assigned by the Management based on the availability and size of your camper / caravan. It is forbidden to move from assigned pitches without authorization.

The tents will be placed based on availability at the time.

Campers are requested to keep the pitch and the services you use tidy and clean. We do our best to keep everything running and clean… but it’s up to you too, don’t forget!

Each pitch is supplied with electricity: the electricity service is the responsibility of the user who will be required to use cables and connections in accordance with the law and avoid any danger to people and things.

Campers are required to keep their belongings safe. The management assumes no responsibility for any loss or theft of goods left unattended. The stay of children and minors is the responsibility of the parents or guardian.

Visits from relatives and friends are allowed upon notice to the Management.

It is forbidden to keep the motorhome engine running while parked on the pitch.

Please keep TV and other audio systems low and look after your children too!

Thanks and have a good holiday!